BBQs 2u: One Stop for Finding the Best Grills

BBQs 2u has been a favorite for many people for a good number of years. A variety of products from reputed brands such as Masterbuilt, Napoleon, etc can be found here at BBQs 2u. The main advantage of buying the products from such a store is, they provide attractive offers to their customers during the festive season. It’s just that you have to grab those deals.

From packaging to delivery, everything will be taken care of by their team. In fact, they ensure that everything is perfect before delivering the product to their customers. No doubt, it is difficult to find such a store nowadays.

Customers can feel free to contact the team of BBQs 2u if they are stuck anywhere when using their products. Their team will be ready to assist their customers always. They have some amazing bundle options. The Kamado Joe – Joe Jnr is the current hottest product available here at BBQs2u. As this product comes under £600.00, do give it a try.

The Joe Jr. is a portable ceramic grill. This product requires charcoal for running. This grill can be used for smoking and grilling food. You have the option of smoking food slowly at 225 °F or quickly at 750 °F for a spectacular sear.

Some of the advantages of Joe Jnr are

  • It is extremely good at heat retention.
  • Durable construction.
  • Light in weight.

The Joe Jr. is known for thick-walled ceramic construction. In fact, even the classic series has thick ceramic walls.  This product includes a cast iron stand and convenient handles. These handles help you stay comfortable when lifting. The hinged lid features a wide grip and a strong seal. Fortunately, the unit retains more heat due to the excellent gasket.

The Joe Jr has a diameter of 13.5 inches. This increases the grilling area to 148 sq. inches. Although this is a small amount, it shouldn’t be a problem because grills from Kamado are made for efficiency. It’s an excellent companion for camping because of its portability. There isn’t really a need to carry the cast iron stand with it.

Although this product is advertised as a portable grill, buyers can use it at their homes. It is also a great option for smaller patios.

Different grills from Kamado come with different features at different price ranges. Buyers must choose the one that suits their requirements.

If you are not sure about which one suits your purpose well, you can take the help of the staff at BBQs 2u. Even though the Kamado grills are not cheap, they are worth the price. Every customer is important to BBQs 2u. The Kamado Joe – Joe Jnr BBQs can make your outings or BBQ parties a grand success. In fact, the users will be able to spend some good time with their family or friends, while enjoying their favorite food. BBQs 2u provides quick delivery. This means the buyers need not wait for a long time anymore. Check out the products at BBQs 2u and every product looks truly amazing.