Tips To Be Healthy Without Any Hassle

With health and fitness becoming one of the primary concerns of people all around the world, it might pique your interest. However, to attain a fit body, maintaining a regular and healthy diet is equally as important as exercising. While you can find numerous options on any food blog, here mentioned are some of the easier options.

Sesame Noodles with Chicken

Start by boiling the spaghetti in a pot of water as per the instructions mentioned in the package. Once done, drain the water and set it aside in a large bowl. In another saucepan, you have to add scallions, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and also brown sugar to taste. Mix it well and heat it over medium heat until the mixture starts sizzling. With that, cook it for 15 seconds and remove it from heat. 

Let it cool down a bit and add ketchup and soy sauce and stir it in real good. With that, you are almost done with the preparation. All that is left for you to do is add the noodles, along with some chopped carrots, shredded chicken, more sesame seeds, and span peas. To enjoy it better, you can refrigerate the noodle and sauce separately for a day and toss it well before serving.

Feta and Spinach Scrambled Egg Pitas

This is a recipe that requires only 15 minutes of your time and is quite nutritious. To begin with, you have to heat oil in a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. To that, add salt and spinach and cook it until it is steaming hot. Do not forget to stir the ingredients occasionally. 

After a few minutes, add the eggs, and cook till they set and form a soft curd-like texture. After 5 minutes, add pepper to taste and some feta. Take the pita bread, spread the tapenade on top, and divide the eggs equally on top.

Both these recipes are quite acclaimed in every food blog and are a must-try.