What to Look for From a Wedding Caterer?

While some wedding caterers are inexpensive, some are greedy and will try to hike their prices the minute they hear the words “wedding.” Be wary of those who just want to get your money. Choose a caterer who has integrity and a track record of high-quality service. To find a caterer, look for testimonials, credentials, and a website that has actual photos of the food they serve. When in doubt, ask for a tasting.

When selecting a wedding caterer, consider your guests’ dietary needs and preferences. Do they have any allergies or dietary restrictions? If so, request vegetarian and vegan options. Also, ask the caterer if they have a separate area for their guests. The same goes for the catering company you choose. Whether they are local or national is up to you, but a local catering company can help you determine which is best.

Ask for Samples and Previous Wedding Menus

Ask to see sample menus and a copy of a previous wedding menu. This will give you an idea of the types of dishes they offer and what they are most likely to be popular. Also, ask what sort of service will be provided for children and allergy-free guests. Make sure to ask about the cost of serving tea and coffee and how much they charge per person. You should also ask about overtime fees, and the manner in which they clean up after their service.

If you plan on serving alcohol, make sure that your caterer has a separate liquor license. If so, they will be able to serve alcohol off-site, such as at a remote wedding location. You can also ask whether or not the caterer offers different meal styles and menu options, including plated dinners, buffets, and family style meals. For the latter, be sure to ask for examples of previous table displays that will match your wedding’s theme and colour concept.

Quality Comes Before Anything Else

The quality of the food is also important. Choose a catering per aziende who can accommodate allergies and other special requests. The food should be top quality and look good. Ask for references or request a tasting. If you have never eaten at the caterer before, ask someone you trust to review their food before hiring them. If they don’t serve the food you’re looking for, ask them to send you samples.

Whether or not the wedding caterer includes a wait staff or not is crucial. Many caterers offer various services, including beverages and wait staff. Talk to the caterer to find out if these additional services are included in their package. You can then determine whether or not these services will fit your budget. So, be sure to ask questions and research wedding catering companies before you make your final decision. When choosing a wedding caterer, remember to discuss your needs with your wedding planner or your chosen vendor.

A good wedding caterer should offer tastings. Try the food that you’re considering ordering and make sure that you’ll be pleased with the final product. Also, look for caterers that can provide various meal styles, including buffets and plated sit-down dinners. Some caterers offer all options, even mobile pizza parties, so you need to choose between them. A wedding caterer should have experience with all types of menus.