The different types of shredded cheese all chefs should know about

A strong blue cheese can demolish a delicate salad, and a pizza can lose its appeal if it’s too stringy and liquified. Cheese is one of the boldest and most assertive flavours in all kinds of cuisine. In addition to the complement factor, variety is also essential; Take Mexican cuisine, for instance, dives into myriads of sweet and savoury cheese flavours. So, look no further than Mexican Shred Blend whenever you need the highest quality cheese mix on the Australian market.

These finely shredded cheeses will not only add flavour to your recipes and give them a distinct and beautiful appearance. Unlike other Australian cheese blends, Pure Dairy angel hair Mexi Shred Blend is more like a handcrafted shredded cheese blend, incorporating the perfect proportions of four kinds of cheese.

Mexican cheeses used in tacos are determined by a cook’s or restaurant’s recipe. In general, tacos are made with cheeses such as shredded or crumbled cotija, cheddar, Monterey Jack, Quesadilla, Oaxaca, and finely grated Parmesan, among others. A pre-shredded blend of popular Mexican cheeses, such as our Mexican Shred Blend, is a fantastic alternative accessible in Australia for cooking excellent tacos.

Monterey Jack cheese is a semi-firm, creamy Mexican cheese with a moderate flavour manufactured from skimmed cow milk. It melts rapidly after being aged for two weeks to a month, and its neutral taste allows you to blend it with almost anything. The cheese and its derivatives Dry Jack and Pepper Jack (pepper flavoured) are extensively used in Mexican and Spanish specialties in Australia and worldwide under numerous trademarks.

Natural Cheddar is a firm, off-white cheese prepared with all-natural components such as high-quality milk, salt, enzymes, and occasionally colourings. Its flavour varies according to its age, ranging from nine months to two years. Its colour ranges from white to yellow, with some manufacturers adding a yellow-orange tint manually. The cheese has a strong texture and melts well, making it an excellent accent to any baked or Tex-Mex cuisine!

Queso Asadero (Oaxaca cheese) or queso quesadilla (tortillas) is a white cheese that is commonly used in Mexican dishes. It’s similar to Monterey Jack but with a string cheese feel identical to mozzarella. It’s one of the numerous white Mexican cheeses that’s creamy, smooth, and melts fast. Mexican restaurants commonly make quesadillas, which are tortillas packed with cheese and grilled, pizzas, queso fundido, a classic Mexican melted cheese dish, or cheese-top baked items.

The semi-soft white Mexican cheese Oaxaca is called after the Oaxaca area of Mexico. Stringy, mild to sweet, buttery, and easily melted, these are made of cow milk. It is topped on pizzas, nachos, and cheesy guacamole, among other Mexican and non-Mexican cuisine.

Pure Dairy Mexican Shred Blend cheese keeps for 180 days. These cheeses are also gluten-free. For further nutritional and other information about their product, learn about the product information here.

Their Mexican mix shredded cheese is packed with a unique blend of four famous Mexican kinds of cheese. It is excellent for delicacies like quesadillas, tacos, burritos, nachos, and non-Mexican cuisines like chicken Parmesan.