The Best Fish and Chips In Singapore, Ranked

Fish and chips is one of those quintessential British comfort foods that Singaporeans love to indulge in. And with good reason – there are plenty of excellent options out there to choose from. In this article, we’re ranking the best fish and chips in Singapore, based on a variety of factors. So whether you’re looking for something classic or something a little more unique, we’ve got you covered.

Fish and Chips In Singapore

Looking for the perfect fish and chips dish in Singapore? Look no further than these five restaurants ranked as the best in the city!  The Fish House is known for its delicious fish and chip dishes, which come with a range of toppings to choose from. You can enjoy your meal either at the restaurant itself, or take it away for later. If you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to fish and chips, head over to The Kebab Shop. Here, you can enjoy skewers of delicious  fish and chips instead of traditional battered fish pieces. Yum! If you’re after some classic British-style fish and chips, then head over to Captain Cook’s Fish House & Bar. This restaurant offers a range of different options including battered codfish fillets, crispy salt and pepper squid tentacles, and more. Delicious! If you’re after some fresh seafood options when it comes to your fish and chips dinner, then head over to Red Ruby Fishhouse & Oyster Bar. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy sashimi grade tuna sushi rolls as part of your meal – yum! 5 Pips Bistro & Takeaway

What to order at Fish and Chip Restaurants in Singapore

Fish and Chip restaurants in Singapore serve up some of the best fish and chips around. Here are the six best places to enjoy this British classic.  Located in Ang Mo Kio, The Fish and Chip Shop is a longstanding institution that serves up delicious seafood dishes at affordable prices. Their chips are crispy and served with a range of toppings, such as tartar sauce, ketchup, or Worcester sauce. You can also opt for their signature codfish sandwich, which is made with fresh bread and filled with tender chunks of codfish fillets. Peking Fish Restaurant is another well-known establishment that specializes in fish and chips. The restaurant has a distinctive red decor and offers 162 types of fish on their menu, along with Traditional Chinese cuisine options like steamed dumplings or dim sum dishes. They also offer beer and wine selections to pair with your meal. Munchies Fish & Chips is located in Geylang Serai, near Hougang MRT Station. This casual eatery serves up some of the best fish and chips around thanks to the fresh ingredients used in their dishes. You can choose from a variety of sauces to top your fries or codfish sandwiches, including tartar sauce, homemade ketchup, or brown sauce made from aleppo pepper flakes.