What Are the Best Meals for a Wedding?

Generally speaking, the main course should include a mixture of meat and vegetables. The meat component will give the meal a more royal touch and bring out the rich colors of the plates. Meat-lovers will enjoy a salami antipasto, roasted peppers, and garlic bread. You should complement your entree with salads. Santa Fe Salad with Grilled Pork is a great option.

A vegetarian-friendly wedding menu is possible. If you’re planning a vegan or vegetarian menu, chicken breast, or fish can be great choices. You can even serve grilled fish on the side. A slow-cooked dish will not raise the temperature of the dish, making it ideal for a wedding. While meat-lovers are a popular option, it’s not always easy to predict what the bride and groom will like until they return their RSVP cards.

Meat for the Summer

Summertime weddings are often associated with barbecues, so a protein-heavy meal is a good option. Perhaps cook up some tasty ribeye or t-bone steak. Tofu can replace tuna, if you’re worried about allergies, and a vegetarian option. You can also incorporate local foods, which are becoming increasingly popular. Try to incorporate local favorites and create a theme around them! It’s up to you. The possibilities are endless!

Another great choice for a summertime wedding is a mini fish taco station. A mini fish taco station can be a great way to feed a large crowd. Try presenting the tacos on a peg board, with different colors and toppings. The sweet and savory combinations will surely wow your guests. Don’t forget the donuts! They’re the perfect addition to any wedding menu.

Seafood is a Solid Option

While there are many choices, seafood is always a good option. It’s a great choice for weddings because it is a versatile option for a menu. Fish is light and tasty, but you can easily customize the sauce to suit the season. Serve it with a tangy lemon sauce in summer and a savory red wine mushroom sauce in winter. You can also choose to serve grilled or baked lobster. However, keep in mind that not all of your guests will eat lobster and others might be allergic to shellfish.

Food is probably the most important aspect of your wedding. After all, it’s the reason half of your guests came. So, don’t skip the main course. It’s an important way to temper the boozing during the cocktail hour, while fueling your guests for the dance floor. Figuring out what to serve can be a challenging decision. The more guests you plan for, the more food you’ll have to purchase, and the more problems you’ll have to deal with later.

The season and type of the wedding will determine what kind of foods you serve. Fall weddings are popular during the autumn months, and the weather is usually mild. This is a great time to consider doing something different such as a pub wedding. When planning a menu, include seasonal ingredients such as root vegetables and cinnamon. The season’s color palette will affect your choices as well. When planning your menu, consider your budget. If you want to keep the budget low, consider having a wedding in autumn.