What are different Valentine’s Desserts?

Love is in the air. But we always bring it out even more on Valentine’s Day. Although we have the details with the couple all year long, February 14 is the day we take out all our romanticism and seek to impress the loved one with some detail that demonstrates our love. Not only chocolate live gifts for these dates.

It is well known that the stomach conquers a person, so we bring you a compilation of desserts you can make on Valentine’s Day for your partners. A sweet touch to give love always works. What happens next is up to you.

If France is the country of love, you can not miss French pastries. These Crêpes with Suzette sauce are a true delight for the palate, very simple to make, and will not take too long. Assured success.

Homemade pancakes

Let’s celebrate love from the first hour with these delicious homemade pancakes. Surprise your partner with this very simple breakfast to make, and it is delicious. What better way to love someone than to offer them pancakes for breakfast in bed?

Bombones Raffaello

Say it with chocolates  and if you do it with Raffaello Chocolates, even better. If you are lovers of coconut and white chocolate, these chocolates are perfect to finish a delicious Valentine’s lunch or dinner.


Italians are romantic by nature, so there is nothing like a good Italian tiramisu to bring out your most romantic streak. A very simple dessert to make with a spectacular flavour. You will love it.

Pina Colada

Not all desserts have to be chewed. Try on your Valentine’s date to prepare this delicious piña colada cocktail. An authentic delicacy very simple to make that will undoubtedly warm the atmosphere of your dinner.

Sicilian cannoli

These cannoli siciliani are an authentic Italian pastry delight. Surprise your partner with these delicious tubes of fried dough with ricotta cheese.

Irresistible chocolate cake

Chocolate never fails if you want to surprise your partner with a spectacular dessert, nothing like this irresistible chocolate cake. Easy, fast and delicious. You won’t be disappointed.

Chocolate cakes filled with chocolate cream

If you have a sweet tooth, this dessert is for you. These chocolate cakes filled with chocolate cream are perfect for those chocolate lovers who enjoy this sweet treat. Of course, they are dense, so be careful with the amounts you eat.

Mini cheesecake

Cuculus and delicious. These mini cheesecakes are perfect to surprise the couple with your pastry skills and look like a real chef. Great to end a perfect evening.

Mille-feuille of pastry cream

Suppose you want to bet on a classic; there is nothing like these pastry cream mille-feuille for a perfect dessert. A simple and delicious recipe with which to put on your boots and enjoy together.

Chocolate cup and whipped cream

A classic that can bring back memories of your childhood. Nothing like a glass of chocolate and whipped cream to end a perfect evening. Very simple to make and with a flavour of always.

Profiteroles filled with cream and covered in chocolate

French cuisine is fantastic for Valentine’s Day. We recommend these delicious profiteroles filled with cream and covered in chocolate to celebrate that special day.

Homemade chocolate ice cream

Many times there is no need to complicate. The classics like chocolate ice cream with a sure hit. This recipe is simple, fast and delicious, with which you can make delicious ice cream for Valentine’s Day. Give freshness to dinner!

Fruit tarts

Suppose you want to surprise with a different and special dessert, nothing like these fruit tartlets. They are very simple to make, and they taste amazing. Great to enjoy as a couple.

Lemon mousse

Light, delicious, sophisticated… Nothing like a good lemon mousse after a delicious dinner to put the finishing touch to your Valentine’s date. Try it, and you won’t regret it.

Assorted flavoured truffles

These delicious truffles of assorted flavours give a varied touch to your Valentine’s dinner. You can choose between the three Dulce de leche, almond or chocolate, and the result will be the same, wonderful.

Valentine’s Apple Puff

Perfect for romantics, these Valentine’s Apple Puff Pastries are a great dessert to celebrate love. Tender, cuquis and delicious… What more could you ask for?

Valentine’s cake

A simple and delicious vanilla cake. But you open it and discover a chocolate heart. This Valentine’s cake is perfect to surprise your partner. Simple, fast and delicious.

Valentine’s Roll

The ideal dessert for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s gipsy arm is perfect for celebrating love with your partner. Delicious, simple and quick to make, ideal for a perfect evening.

Chocolate mousse

An exquisite dessert to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day. Nothing like a delicious chocolate mousse to show how much you love your partner on that special day. A classic of French pastries and romantics always wins the French.

Chocolate Sacher cake

It has won the title of best cake in the world and is not for less. This delicious Sacher cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. A spectacular flavour that comes from Vienna with lots of love.

Chocolate truffles

Dark, milk or white chocolate, truffles never fail. Perfect for February 14, these chocolate truffles are the ideal dessert for a special evening.

Chocolate and orange bonbons

Say it with chocolates. This delicious heart-shaped chocolate and orange bonbons are ideal for Valentine’s Day. A perfect way to give love to your partner is with a special dessert.

Red Velvet cake

A spectacular dessert for Valentine’s Day. This Red Velvet cake is perfect for showing your love for the other person. Very simple to do, and the result is spectacular. Don’t think about it anymore.

Valentine cupcakes

How to make some delicious Valentine cupcakes. A simple Red Velvet type recipe to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day. Simple and delicious.


Also known as “passion for chocolate”. Could there be anything better for Valentine’s Day? This coolant is the ideal dessert for chocolate lovers and lovers in general. Enjoy this delicious dessert together and let the passion flow.

Valentine cookies

It is about adapting the Christmas cookies, the same dough, to the shape of a heart, and thus we will have delicious Valentine’s cookies with very simple preparation. Although I have indicated “30 minutes” in the preparation time, the truth is that you must prepare the cookie dough the day before you bake it and keep it in the refrigerator wrapped in cling film until then.

Cheese and vanilla cookies

With basic ingredients, we will get crispy, soft, and rich cookies perfect for Valentine’s Day. Similar in flavour to the classic shortbread cookies, although here we use cream cheese in their preparation. It gives it a creamier and smoother touch.

Mexican chocolate cake with raspberries

Only for adults. This delicious Mexican chocolate cake with raspberries is an authentic delight that combines sweet with spicy, creating wonderful sensations. So put a little spice to the evening with this delicious dessert.

Orange Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate is almost essential on Valentine’s Day. That is why we bring you a recipe for the chocolate brownie with orange that is perfect for breakfast or a snack on February 14. There is no better way to love someone than to give them food.